The CubeFactory 2

In order to achieve the 1.5 °C target in coping with climate change, efforts are needed in all areas of human living to reduce the consumption of resources and the emitting of climate affecting substances. The development and testing of new forms of sustainable production, the use of renewable resources, the recycling of materials and the repair of defective systems are essential strategies of a new manufacturing paradigm. The CubeFactory contributes to this.

“The CubeFactory2 is a self-sufficient and luggage-sized production unit illustrating the concept of sustainable manufacturing through circularity and resource conservation. It is circular in the sense that it can create new products out of waste. It embeds a Fuse Filament Fabrication 3D-printer whose input material is supplied by a recycling unit producing filament out of thermoplastic waste. It saves resources in the sense that it embeds renewable energy and material supply to recycle and 3D-print without the need for further infrastructure. In its current state of development, the purpose of the CubeFactory2 is primarily illustrative and to support awareness on sustainable manufacturing”. (Muschard & Bonvoisin, 2019)