CubeFactory 2 – an Off-Grid and Circular 3D-Printing Mini-Factory

Together with Jérémy we wrote a paper about the CubeFactory 2. He is a valued colleague, with whom we have successfully mastered many research projects. He is an expert in sustainable product development, sustainable value creation and open hardware principles, and researches at the University of Bath. Jérémy made a significant contribution to ensuring that the documentation for CubeFactory 2 is as open-source as possible (github). To make the openness transparent, we wrote this paper for the Journal of Open Hardware.

Muschard, B. and Bonvoisin, J., 2019. CubeFactory2 – an Off-Grid and Circular 3D-Printing Mini-Factory. Journal of Open Hardware, 3(1), p.3.

– Under a Creative Commons license –