Corner assembly

This is the result of a long night of designing, now we can start with the housing. The complete support structure for the cube body will be built up by just 3 different components. In order to be manufactured very easily, they are all printable in a 3D-printer.

Printing cube corner

Printing of one of the corners for the Cube Factory. It was a first test with only 5 percent fill. This gave some problems. Corners with 18 percent fill have shown to be very strong.

Assembling the Ultimaker – Day 1

Assembling the Ultimaker was a bit challenging. But if you are a smart guy (or an engineer) or even read the manual, it’s also not rocket science. Ultimately we are glad we have built it by our own and want to encourage everyone to do the same.

Assembling the Ultimaker – Day 1 from Cube Factory on Vimeo.